Coway Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier

Looking for an air purification system that you won't have to hide in a corner? The Coway Air Purifier ($280) is a red dot-winning cyclops of an appliance, featuring a three-stage HEPA filter system that removes 99.5% of airborne baddies, sensor-controlled automatic airflow adjustment, automatic shutoff, and a killer award-worthy design.

  • Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer

    Sure, you can try and sneak liquor into the next ballgame or concert in a flask, but with security getting consistently more interested in what you might have hidden in your coat or jacket, perhaps using the Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer ($13) would be a bit more effective. This spandex anklet fits up to six mini-sized liquor bottles, letting you discretely carry not just a bit of hooch but an actual selection around underneath your jeans or pants.

  • Clever Hook

    With a name like that, we'd expect a pretty smart design, and the Clever Hook ($10) doesn't disappoint. Housed in a clear acrylic box, this metal self-grabbing hook features a lower arm with small ridges to help with grip, and a unique mechanism that automatically lowers the upper arm once an item is placed on the lower, increasing the pressure according to the weight of the item being held. The only way it could be smarter is if it could actually reach out and grab stuff right out of your hands.

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