Craft Check

With more and more breweries trying to cash in on the craft beer craze, it can be hard for an average Joe to know which beers are truly made by microbreweries, and which are just macrobrews masquerading as small-time operations. Craft Check is a simple app that will do the dirty work for you. Just scan the barcode or type in the name of the beer you're thinking of buying, and it will check against its database of brews to tell you whether you've got the genuine article or a Budweiser in Bell's clothing.

  • Sooshi

    Whether you're just getting introduced to sushi or are a long time fan, Sooshi should have something to interest you. This surprisingly deep app is split into five sections, providing information on the most common sushis and how to prepare them, the utensils you'll need, how to select the best fish, other ingredients, and, should you decide that you're not feeling up to making it yourself, a restaurant finder that uses your current location and Foursquare information to find the best sushi spots nearby.

  • Up Coffee

    Caffeine is everywhere — in our coffee, in our energy drinks, even in our snacks. But very few of us really know how it affects us, or how much they ingest every day. Up Coffee could change all that. Made by Jawbone, it tracks your caffeine levels throughout the day as it learns more about how your body metabolizes the drug. It even compares your intake to your quality of sleep, giving you a better look at how your body works. And while the Up fitness tracker might cost money, Up Coffee is completely free.

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