Craftsman Illum-A-Glove

Craftsman Illum-A-Glove

Working on things in the dark can be a real pain-in-the-you know where. With the Craftsman Illum-A-Glove ($20), you'll never have to worry about this again. With an LED bulb providing light and Spandex areas adding flexibility, you can be the local hero by fixing anything, no matter when the neighbors call for help.

  • Black & Decker Storm Station

    We haven't received a big snow/ice storm in our neck of the woods yet this year, but when it does finally come and knock out the power, we'll be ready with the Black & Decker SS925 Storm Station ($100). The portable all-in-one machine is a rechargeable power source with an AM/FM/TV audio/weather-band radio, a 25 Watt power inverter, 12 volt recharging port, removable flashlight and a "Find Me Light" that automatically turns on when household power shuts off. It's not a generator, but it'll let you use your phone and charge your PSP until the power comes back on.

  • Flashlight Friends

    Come over here and hold this flashlight for me. Shine it right here. Right here. On this thing. No, shine it right HERE. Whether you were the one holding the flashlight or the one needing the light, chances are you've been involved in the above situation too many times in your life. These Flashlight Friends ($7-$13) will come to the rescue whenever you need a helping hand with a flashlight. They come packin' a Maglite and their legs rotate 360 degrees and lock into 10 positions.

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