Craftsman Lighted Pliers

Odds are if you're having to bust out the pliers, you're working on something in a poorly-lit area. Which is why these Craftsman Lighted Pliers ($30) are such a smart idea. Long nose and diagonal models are included in the set, and both feature a center hub that boasts a sealed LED module that provides plenty enough light to get the job done while keeping all the electronics safe from water, moisture, or stray oil sprays.

  • Sven-Saw

    Saws sure are handy, but they're not the most convenient tools to haul around. Unless you have a Sven-Saw ($30-$32). Available in 15- and 21-inch models, this saw features a US-made frame, a sharp, durable blade made in Denmark from Swedish steel, and a foldable design with built-in sheath that'll keep you from sawing through your pack — or leg — while you're hiking the trails.

  • SOG BladeLight Knife

    A pocket knife is an essential everyday item for lots of guys, but if you're in the dark without a flashlight, it won't do you much good — unless it's a SOG BladeLight Knife ($85). Thanks to state-of-the-art switches and circuitry, it packs six LEDs into its GRN handle on either side of the blade, providing shadowless light for precise cuts. Oh, and it's also waterproof, draws its power from AAA batteries, and can serve as a flashlight when the blade's put away. Arriving in Q3 2012.

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