CRKT Survival Bracelet Tools

Keeping a multitool handy when you head into the wilderness is always a good idea. Weighing down your pockets isn't. That's why they make these CRKT Survival Bracelet Tools. Designed to fit over a paracord bracelet, this handy accessory keeps a compass, magnesium firestarter, and an LED light right on your wrist. Unlike most tools, it's lacking a bottle opener, but not to worry — they make one that you can keep on the exact same bracelet.

  • Barocook

    If there's one constant to cooking in the outdoors, it's fire, whether it comes from kindling or a portable stove. Barocook is looking to change all of that. This smart little system uses small packets that react with water to provide steam heat, which is then used to cook your food or drinks. Your food cooks in its own stainless steel bowl, making clean up a snap, and allowing you to cook everything from soup and instant noodles to curry, rice, meatballs, pasta, and even boiled eggs — anywhere you might be.

  • Gobe Flashlight

    Typically, flashlights are made to do just one thing, whether it be spotlighting, searching, or lighting your way underwater. The Gobe Flashlight is designed to do all those and more. Thanks to a unique body that works with a system of six interchangeable light heads — two spotlights, a wide-angle light, a red light, a searchlight, and a light for use underwater at night — and a wide range of accessories, it's up for nearly any task. And you don't have to worry about packing a bunch of AAs around, either — its compact, water resistant body holds a USB-rechargeable battery that's good for up to 54 hours of runtime.

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