You'd think that two master knifemakers could come up with a decent multitool. And you'd be right. Designed by Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes, the CRKT Tool ($50) sports a utility blade, sawtooth blade, multi-fit box wrench, wire stripper, spring-opening Phillips and regular screwdrivers with additional driver bits, and, of course, a bottle opener, all packed into a compact, handsome black and silver package. [via]

  • Craftsman Lighted Pliers

    Odds are if you're having to bust out the pliers, you're working on something in a poorly-lit area. Which is why these Craftsman Lighted Pliers ($30) are such a smart idea. Long nose and diagonal models are included in the set, and both feature a center hub that boasts a sealed LED module that provides plenty enough light to get the job done while keeping all the electronics safe from water, moisture, or stray oil sprays.

  • John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower

    You have plenty of machines in your life that require more work from you — the coffee machine, your washer and dryer, etc. — so why not spend your money on one that works for you? The John Deere Tango E5 Autonomous Mower ($TBA) is designed to give you back your weekends by keeping your grass a reasonable length automatically, automatically returning to its charging station when it's low on juice and staying out of your koi pond thanks to some help from a preset boundary wire. So go ahead and spend your grass-mowing time perfecting your martini — your secret is safe with us.

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