Sure, it can be useful to check the weather on your smartphone, computer, or local news station, but it doesn't really help you to know what it's actually going to feel like outside. The Cryoscope ($300 and up) does. This crazy contraption heats or cools its top slab to a certain temperature, depending on the mode — time shift mode will give you the forecasted temperature, while space shift can give you the current temperature of anywhere you specify — letting you literally feel the temperature you're looking for. Useful for commuters, travelers, or those who want to torture themselves by checking the current temp in Wailea.

  • Shot Glass Card

    Taking birthday shots is a time-honored tradition — but taking them out of a birthday card? That's new. The Shot Glass Card ($5) allows you to do exactly that by including a pop-out, fold-together glass on the inside of the card, which is either typical A2 sized or made to hang off the side of the recipient's favorite hooch. Instructions? Punch out shot glass. Fold over creases, insert tab into slot. Repeat 4x. Get shitty. [Scouted by Arnold]

  • P3 Amplifiers

    Overly ornamental vintage amps these aren't. P3 Amplifiers ($300-$5,200) creates great-sounding guitar amplifiers and speaker enclosures by incorporating everything learned over 60 years of tube circuit evolution, using the finest components available, hand wiring every unit, and placing them in military grade aluminum enclosures that make nearly every component fixable and/or easily replaceable, thus ensuring that the amp is around as long as you are.

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