Cube Tube

Cube Tube

Unless you have a built-in ice maker, odds are you have to deal with ice cube trays — and all the water spillage that comes with them. The Cube Tube ($TBA) is designed to eliminate that problem. Its vertical ice cube tray prevents spillage by allowing you to fill up a clear tube that works with a 14-cube divider to lock in the water, making it incredibly easy to get your frozen friends out one-at-a-time when its time for a cold drink.

  • Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker

    Looking to squeeze every last ounce of flavor out of your coffee? Start brewing with the Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker ($80). Thanks to its unique vacuum brewing method, it extracts all the flavorful oils in your coffee without changing or hiding the flavor with a metal or paper filter, and seals in the aroma so every pot smells as fresh as it tastes. [via]

  • Proper Coffee Cold Drip

    We've seen some long brewing times before, but 12 hours seems a little excessive, even for cold drip. Yet that's the brewing time for the Proper Coffee Cold Drip ($400). Promising a smooth, flavorful cup of joe, the Proper Coffee brews at a glacial 43 to 47 drips per minute, 1000ml at a time, through an all-glass system of reservoir, filter funnel, and bottom vessel that's elegantly suspended by a water jet-cut aluminum frame. Luckily, you can store the resulting sweetness in the fridge for up to several weeks, so you won't have to plan a half-day ahead just to get your caffeine fix.

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