Cyglo Tyres

Forget silly clip-on lights or day-glo outfits — now you can stay visibly safe during nighttime bike rides with Cyglo Tyres ($TBA). Equipped with motion sensors inside, these unique tires feature bright, high-powered LED lights inside the tread or wall that come on automatically as soon as you begin to move, making you highly visible to drivers who will probably ask themselves how you managed to steal a Tron light bike off the Disney lot.

  • IF Mode Bicycle

    Part transportation, part work of art, the IF Mode Bicycle ($2,500) is a rolling designer's dream. This high-end foldable features large, monoblade wheel mountings, an enclosed trasmission, patented linkage that guides the wheels when folding, a heel push shifter, a Velo saddle, a disc brake, and supple handlebars. Available in black or a striking cream white, and since it can fit in your office/cubicle, it's also guaranteed not to get stolen off a street-side bike rack. [Thanks, Dennis]

  • Tron Legacy Lightcycle

    It's not the first movie-inspired ride we've seen, but it's definitely one of the coolest. The Tron Legacy Lightcycle ($55,000) is built to be street-legal, and features a 4-stroke Suzuki engine, a 6-speed constant mesh manual transmission, hubless wheels, custom tires, a padded leather seat, a hardened steel frame with a fiberglass body, and electroluminescent strips on the body, rims, and cowlings for that glowing neon look the film is known for.

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