Dahon MU SL Folding Bike

Dahon MU SL Folding Bike

Ditch your heavy commuter bike and lighten up with the Dahon MU SL Folding Bicycle ($1000). At only 19.4 lbs, it's the world's lightest production folding bike, and boasts tons of features like custom-drawn Sonus tubing, a Syntrace VRO adjustable handlepost, a Kinetix Pro S front wheel, and a SRAM X9 derailleur and trigger shifter. Plus, it folds up quickly, in around 15 seconds, making it even more attractive to those who commute on two wheels instead of four.

  • RevoPower

    Convert your bicycle from man-power to horsepower with the RevoPower ($600; 2008). The wheel, which weighs in at under 15 pounds and is designed to fit most bikes, contains a 21cc motor that gets over 100mpg and goes around 17mph. A simple way to power up your commute. [Thanks. Cliff]

  • Escapade Pedal Boat

    If you don't care for those pesky "motors" that they're putting on boats these days, you should check out the Escapade Pedal Boat ($3,500). Its leg-powered, 15-inch two-blade propeller and rotomolded polyethylene hull glides smoothly through any body of water — from shallow canals to the Atlantic. With room for up to three drunkards, the boat sports a protective windshield and high freeboards, built-in bilge pump, collapsible polyester bimini top, and a dry shelf for towels, cameras, and the like.

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