Danger Bomb Alarm Clock

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock

To satiate your unending desire to be a world-saving hero, we present the Danger Bomb Alarm Clock ($40). This clever clock wakes you every morning with an explosion sound, and to disable the bomb, you have to follow the code (which resets every morning) to unhook the correct wire. Not exactly life-threatening, but that all depends on who you have in bed with you.

  • SureFire Titan Flashlight

    SureFire, maker of military grade illumination tools used by everybody from the FBI to the your local Barney Fife, has introduced a sexy limited edition titanium LED Flashlight called the Titan ($500). The pinky-sized device is the world's first continuous variable-output LED flashlight, allowing you to select virtually any light output between zero and 30 lumens — over 1,000 possibilities. And yes, while the flashlight is awesome, this product shot sure didn't hurt matters.

  • Harbortronics Time-Lapse Package

    Become the next YouTube star by documenting the growth of your Pot plants or the construction of the Starbucks across the street with the Harbortronics Time-Lapse Package ($2,300). This high-end recording gear, which can be placed just about anywhere, consists of a fiberglass case housing a Pentax digital camera, an auto-timer with digital camera control, solar panel with battery charger, and some 2GB memory cards. [Thanks, Paul]

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