Dark Energy Reservoir

Make dead devices a thing of the past with the Dark Energy Reservoir ($129). You've all been in situations where your smartphone, tablet, or camera needed some extra juice — whether you're traveling on a plane, train, or bus, you're in an emergency scenario, or you're outdoors miles from an outlet. This slim, portable charger holds enough power to charge the average smartphone for an entire week, and it does it as fast as a wall outlet. With the ability to charge two devices at once, and compatibility with any USB charging device, you'll never have to worry about charging again.

  • Kapture

    Sure, your smartphone has the ability to record voice memos, but using it means you have to know ahead of time about something you'll want recorded. Kapture ($75 and up) is different. It's an always-on audio-recording wristband — so any time you feel the need to capture the last 60 seconds of audio, all you have to do it tap it, and it instantly saves. And, with the included smartphone app, you can store, edit, share, and replay your old audio clips for as long as you want. Choose from a range of colors to customize the strap and grill of your Kapture, including black, white, yellow, sea foam, and orange.

  • Pressy

    Think of Pressy ($20) as an IFTTT button made just for your Android smartphone — as in, press it once and instantly snap a photo, press it twice and share your location to your favorite social network. This little button slides into your headphone jack, and includes an app that lets you customize commands to respond to a sequence of short and long presses. It can let you do pretty much anything, without even unlocking your phone. When you want to use your headphones, the switch on your earbuds doubles as a programmable button, and Pressy slips into its keychain sleeve. The only drawback is it's not available for iOS, and may never be. [Scouted by Abdel]

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