Dark Motorcycle Helmet

Your bike doesn't need to be armed with grappling hooks, armor-piercing cannons, and machine guns to pull off the Dark Motorcycle Helmet — though it definitely wouldn't hurt if you were cruising on something resembling the Batpod. No, this helmet is made for the not-quite-average guy with a penchant for the unique (even if he doesn't spend his nights fighting crime). Molded from a proprietary elastomer material, this DOT-approved full face helmet features interchangeable clear and tinted visors, and flexible points at the top for a silhouette that's sure to get a few looks. Removable liners and adjustable vents help keep things cool, while multiple vents reduce fog and keep you comfortable.

  • Point 65N Modular Kayaks

    Instead of forcing you to invest in a new boat and gear every time your taste for adventure changes — technical rapids, open ocean, lake fishing — with Point 65N Modular Kayaks all you need to do is add or remove a component. They have everything from solo to tandem kayaks, meant for all sorts of water sports. Their modular, snap-together design makes them easy to customize, and gives them the added benefit of being highly portable, without sacrificing buoyancy and handling. All you need to do to get your boat to the water is break it down and throw it in the back of your vehicle (no need for a roof rack and tie-downs).

  • Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

    Just when you think you've seen it all, some mad genius goes and creates the unimaginable, a Batman Tumbler Golf Cart ($17,500). While it may not have rocket-propulsion and an array of formidable weaponry, that shouldn't diminish anything about this impressive beast. Starting from the frame of an EZ-Go Golf Cart, they've stripped it down and rebuilt it from frame and sheet metal with a carefully-sculpted cowl. The tech specs include a go-cart motor capable of driving at 38mph, four-link rear suspension with coil-over-shocks, a brand new battery, leather seats, and so much more. Plenty to make even the caped crusader happy.

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