DarkFin Gloves

Although we're mostly made of water, humans are meant for living on dry land — hence our lack of webbed feet or hands. DarkFin Gloves fix half of this equation with a rear-webbed design that increases surface area by 70%, helps you tread water using less energy, and builds upper body strength. They're made from durable, flexible latex rubber, and are perfect for scuba diving, swimming, sky divers, or just freaking out your kids at bath time.

  • Reebok Checklight

    Head injuries in sports have been getting a lot of play lately, and for good reason, they're extremely dangerous and hard to diagnose. The Reebok Checklight ($150) helps players monitor the number of, and severity of head impacts throughout the game, so coaches, officials, and medical staff can know just how to react. The sensor fits easily into an included skullcap, making it comfortable to wear with, or without a helmet. A status light gives valuable, realtime feedback, letting you know exactly how bad the hit was, and how many you've taken.

  • Golf Cart Hovercraft

    You might not be able to pull off the combination frat shag, mullet quite like Bubba, (or bend a ball through the trees) but you can still cruise the course in style in your own Golf Cart Hovercraft ($58,000). Easily float over sand traps and water hazards thanks to a 65 horsepower two-cylinder engine with a nine-blade fan, at speeds of up to 45mph. This cart fits up to four passengers, and can hold two golf bags in the open rear compartment. Meets U.S. Coast Guard standards for hovercrafts and includes a trailer for easy towing.

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