Dash Express

Dash Express

Going beyond the typical GPS system, Dash Express ($400 plus subscription) is an internet-connected navigation device, offering both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. This enables it to get real-time traffic data from other users, which it uses to show you the best (quickest) routes to your destination. Other features include local Yahoo! search, the ability to send addresses to the device via the internet, and more. The second generation of GPS starts now.

  • Fake Gift Boxes

    Got a gift that's too good to give away in the box it came in? Fool your recipient with a Fake Gift Box from The Onion ($20/4-pack). This terrific collection of boxes for ridiculous fictitious products — we're particular fans of the Visor-ganizer — is sure to draw the ire of your loved ones, that is, before they realize they've been duped. Way better than actually having to buy a Chia Pet just for the box. [Thanks, Arik]

  • Powerstick

    Wouldn't it be great to have an extra portable power source for your gadgets that didn't take up much space and was easy to charge? The Powerstick ($50) is a thumb drive-sized accessory that charges via the built-in USB connector and can provide extra juice for lots of different devices, including most cell phones, iPods, and others that charge via mini-USB.

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