Daymak C5 Blast Go-Kart

More Gran Turismo than Mario Kart, the Daymak C5 Blast Go-Kart is a serious piece of kit. Built in Toronto, Canada, the all-electric machine uses a series of Electric Ducted Fan motors to cut its effective weight in half, down to just 100kg, and a liquid-cooled 10kW brushless motor for blistering performance. The result is a 0-60 time of just a second and a half, or faster than any production supercar on the road. It will also be available without the EDF motors for one-sixth of the price, yet still hits 60 in under four seconds, which should be enough for all but the most speed-obsessed.

  • SZ Equilibrium Bike

    Designed, engineered, and built in Italy, the SZ Equilibrium Bike is a sleek option for riding enthusiasts. Built using aluminum for the frame, handlebar, and seat tube and carbon fiber for the front fork, it provides a lightweight, smooth riding experience as you commute to work or take in the countryside. The Equilibrium features a 2-speed automatic shifting hub for extra convenience and a soft Spyder Saddle that is made using a flexible plastic material that keeps the saddle soft while keeping its form unchanged. Of course, a bike that looks this good can be a target for thieves but comes with a LED taillight with an integrated 120 decibel anti-theft siren for piece of mind.

  • E-Moke

    Making its debut in 1964 and produced in one form or another until 1993, the Moke has achieved a cult-like status for its simple construction and military-inspired looks. The E-Moke aims to bring this classic design back to market. Powered by an all-electric system, it has a range of 40 miles and a top speed of 25 mph, making it far better suited for beach cruising than daily driving. Its design has been updated slightly to boost its safety and accommodate niceties like power steering, weatherproof seats, seatbelts, and a modern sound system. It's available in eight colors, and requires a 50% down payment with deliveries beginning this month.

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