Whether you know the financial markets inside and out or are just starting to learn, you should enjoy playing a few rounds of Daytrader ($32 and up). This brand-new board game by Samir Lyons sees you getting a job and trading in the companies you work for to accumulate enough wealth to retire, and then hopefully returning home before the volatile market wipes out part of your savings. Thankfully, a clever, lighthearted design from Ital/c keeps things from getting too cynical, even if the odds are against you ever being able to try your strategies in real life.

  • James De Wulf Pool Table

    And you thought your concrete ping pong table was cool. The James De Wulf Pool Table ($16,000-$18,000) is the next concrete creation from the artist, measuring 101" x 57" x 32", and built to be both minimalist and within regulation. Thanks to its concrete build, it's suitable for use indoors or out, although be prepared to cough up a little extra dough for the outdoor version, which arrives with rubber pockets, outdoor felt, and four graphite cues.

  • Nintendo Wii Mini

    As it turns out, Apple isn't the only company looking to score big with a pint-sized product this holiday. The Nintendo Wii Mini ($100) is barely bigger than the game discs it takes, and features an all-new design with a manual release, top-loading disc tray, a red and black color scheme, and a matching red controller. It's also notable for what it's missing: namely GameCube compatibility and Internet capabilities. The strangest part? It's Canada-only for now. [via]

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