Dell UltraSharp UltraHD 4K Monitor

For graphics-intensive work, you need a little more than the average monitor to meet your demands — and the Dell UltraSharp UltraHD 4K Monitor ($1,400-$3,500) is there for you with ridiculous pixel density and color precision. Available in two sizes, 32 inches and 24 inches, these monitors are made for graphic designers, photographers, video and game designers, CAD designers, and others who demand stunning resolution on a huge screen. The 32-inch model features 3840 by 2160 resolution on a 31.5-inch screen — while it and the smaller 23.8-inch screen are capable of delivering four times more visual information than your standard HD monitor. Both deliver excellent color reproduction, with support for most of the industry standards, precise calibration, and the ability to deliver nearly the entire color spectrum.

  • Roadie Tuner

    Whether you're a beginner just learning to play guitar, or a seasoned veteran who has seen his share of road gigs, the Roadie Tuner ($80) is just the tool you need to perfect your craft. This automated robotic tuner will literally tune your guitar (or any other stringed instrument with geared pegs) for you, thanks to its sensors that are three times more accurate than the human ear. It will tune your guitar faster than most experienced players, helps you wind and unwind your strings, and will even let you quickly switch between tunings. Use the included iOS app to remember tuning settings, save custom tunes, visualize your tune, and keep track of the quality of your strings.

  • Fluxmob Bolt

    Keep your phone fully-charged — even when you're miles from the nearest wall outlet — with the Fluxmob Bolt ($60). This handy device is one part wall charger for any USB-enabled device, and one part battery, so you don't necessarily have to worry about being connected to the power grid to get some juice. Simply plug it in when you have access to power, and let your phone or tablet charge — the built-in battery charges at the same time. Then, when you're out on the move and in need of a recharge, just plug your device into the box, and let it go (it's good for up to two charges).

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