Dell Visor Headset

When it was first unveiled, Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality platform seemed like something out of sci-fi. With the Dell Visor Headset, it's finally becoming more product than concept. Using wall-mounted sensors and inside-out tracking cameras, it provides an immersive experience via twin 1440 x 1440 displays and 90 Hz refresh rates. It flips up when paused to let you reconnect with the world around you, has plentiful cushioning for comfort, and has an HDMI connection to your computer to keep you from straying too far.

  • Porsche Braided Carbon Wheels

    You won't find them at your local rim shop. In fact, you can only get them on one model. That doesn't make these Porsche Braided Carbon Wheels any less impressive. They pair a center piece made from 200 individual pieces of carbon fiber fabric with a rim base crafted on the world's largest carbon fiber braiding machine (it's nearly 30 feet in diameter). The completed wheel is treated with resin, pre-hardened at extreme pressures and temperatures, and protected with clear lacquer, resulting in a wheel that's 20% lighter and stronger than the next best rim. Fittingly, they're only available on the Porsche 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series.

  • Nix Mini Color Sensor

    Whether you're picking out a shade for your living room or working on a design, the Nix Mini Color Sensor can help you find and organize hues you like. Using a calibrated sensor and high-CRI white LEDs, the Nix captures accurate representations of colors on nearly any surface, which it can then match to RGB, HTML, CMYK and LAB colors, or over 10,000 brand-name paints. In addition to color matching, you can save your favorite colors and instantly find new palettes via the companion app, and thanks to its lightweight and size — smaller than a ping pong ball — there's little excuse to not carry it with you.

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