Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine

The Der Ziesel Offroad Driving Machine ($30,000) — the unlikely and bizarre offspring of an M1 Abrams battle tank and a Hoveround mobility scooter — is one serious vehicle, ready to handle snow, sand, mud, and grass. It's essentially a tube steel frame and a racing seat bolted onto two off-road tracks powered by two PMS electric disk motors producing 21 horsepower and 30 pound-feet of torque. The battery pack will last up to five hours, though driving at the top speed of 22 mph will reduce that dramatically. All of this is controlled by a simple one-handed joystick, and is fitted with wood armrests, metal mudguards, and a range of good-looking paint schemes.

  • Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection

    In recognition of BMW Motorrad's 90 years of motorcycling excellence, Ruby has released a series of high-end headgear, the Ruby Munich 90 Helmet Collection ($980-$1,450). While there are certainly less expensive ways to keep your brains intact, there are relatively few that look like these helmets. With design cues taken from the bikes that inspired them — including the classic red and blue stripes on a white field — these helmets come in three variations and a range of colorways. Choose the Belvedere, with its large front visor, the Pavillon, with its exposed face, or the partially enclosed Castel.

  • Hammerhead Bike Navigation

    Make getting where you're going easier and safer — whether you're commuting to work, or meeting up with friends for a long-distance group cruise — with Hammerhead Bike Navigation ($85). Instead of the graphical display typical of most navigation devices, this one uses a series of colored LEDs as indicators, creating intuitive patterns that can be interpreted in your peripheral vision. As an added benefit, the device syncs wirelessly to your smartphone, letting you adjust the indicators, save and share routes, and even meet up with friends. And for those times when you're without a cellular signal, you can save routes to your phone and the onboard compass will still guide you along your way.

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