Derringer Bespoke Motorbikes

Derringer Bespoke Motorbikes

Your suits are custom tailored, so why isn't your bike? Derringer Bespoke Motorbikes ($TBA) offer serious customization for the discerning customer, as well as a moto-hybrid drivetrain, a 49cc four-strike engine that can go up to 180 miles on a single gallon, a GGB gearbox with a centifugal clutch and freewheel that lets the pedals stay stationary while the engine's running things, a 70mm drum front brake, coaster rear brake, and any combination of paint, seat, handlebars, wheels, and other options you'd like.

  • Aquaskipper

    Worried about burning up fossil fuels while you're out enjoying the water on your jet ski? Ditch it and pick yourself up an Aquaskipper ($500). Powered by your own "hopping" motion, it allows you to get some exercise as you propel yourself across the water at speeds of up to 17 miles an hour. The 'skipper is big, but since it's made of lightweight aluminum it weighs only 26 lbs., making for easy assembly, disassembly, and transport to and from the water.

  • Hoverbike

    Nope, it's not a bicycle version of the Hoverboard. Instead, the Hoverbike ($TBA) is a motorcycle-like ultralight aircraft that's powered by a flat twin 4-stroke. You ride the thing like a motorcycle, including handlebar-based speed and direction control, and thanks to its custom carbon fiber propellers, frame, driveshafts, and seat, you should be able to make it almost 100 miles between fuel-ups. Oh, and did we mention it can reach altitudes of 10,000 feet plus? Yeah, that too. Expect to see one in the friendly skies near you just as soon as they can ensure that the thing won't accidentally crash and kill you.

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