DigiTech iPad Pedalboard

Put the full power of an The Edge-style effects stack at the tip of your toes with the DigiTech iPad Pedalboard ($500). Combining a powerful iPad app that boasts 87 different adjustable pedals, 54 amps, and 26 cabinets with a physical case/interface that provides access to up to ten pedals, one amp, and one cabinet using nothing but your feet, the Pedalboard offers nearly endless creative possibilities. Technical specs include quarter-inch plugs for guitar input, amp and effect loops, output, and external footswitch control, with dedicated stereo XLR and headphone outputs, and even a USB port for audio streaming. And don't worry about stomping next to your iPad — just try not to stomp on it when things get rowdy.

  • Belkin Chef Stand

    iPads can be super-handy in the kitchen, but do you really want to be touching your tablet with greasy, meaty mitts? We thought not. The Belkin Chef Stand ($40) takes care of the problem by holding your iPad in a chrome-finished stand and providing you with a dedicated stylus that just happens to have magnetic properties so you can turn your iPad 2 on and off without ever touching it. If counterspace is slim, consider the Fridge Mount ($40) or Kitchen Cabinet Mount ($50) instead, and keep everything from Epicurious to ESPN right at your, ummm, stylustips.

  • NuForce Icon iDo

    While it's a reasonable question to ask why, if you're an audiophile, you insist on having your music library on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, if you're looking to get the absolute highest fidelity out of those lossless digital recordings, you're going to need to bypass your iBuddy's internal DAC. The NuForce Icon iDo ($250) will let you do just that. Using a dock connection, it draws the audio data directly from your library, and then uses its own converter to send pristine audio your your home stereo, or, if you want to get more personal, through its built-in headphone amplifier straight into your power-hungry high-end cans. [via]

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