Ding Smart Doorbell

Bridging the gap between traditional doorbells and overly complex, camera-laden setups, the Ding Smart Doorbell is designed to give you just enough intelligence. This three-piece system consists of a subdued, weather-resistant button that's thin enough to fit on your doorframe and can operate off batteries or a hardwire, a chime that's covered in handsome fabric and can sit on a table or mount on your wall, and a companion app. When someone rings your bell, the chime goes off and a call goes out to the app so you can talk to whoever's at the door no matter where you are. You can easily change the sound and volume of the chime, and even set up quiet hours so your phone goes off but not the chime — ideal for families with sleeping children in the home.

  • Aquor House Hydrant V2

    After decades of little progression, twisting and untwisting water hoses into a leaky faucet has become the norm. The Aquor House Hydrant V2 is changing the gardening game by updating the long-forgotten outdoor faucet. Using the same patentend twist-lock connection system as the original House Hydrant, hooking up your garden hose is a matter of plugging in a connector for a leak-free seal. Once its disconnected, the hydrant self-drains so you never have to worry about water freezing. This new model adds a atmospheric vacuum breaker for even better backflow prevention. Compatible with any plumbing type, the hydrant easy to install and the weather-resistant polymer cover is available in aquor blue or slate grey.

    Presented by Aquor.

  • Softub Moveable Hot Tub

    Adding a hot tub to your home can be a great choice — but also a big one, as it typically stays wherever you first decide to put it. The Softub Moveable Hot Tub gets around this problem with a lightweight design that can easily be rolled from place to place. It plugs into a standard outlet, so you don't need special wiring, has an intelligent chip that keeps the temperature steady, and a smartly arranged pump, motor, and heating system that uses the motor's heat to help keep the water warm. It's available in a range of sizes, from a two-person 140 gallon model to a five-person 300 gallon tub, all of which have precisely placed jets and include an insulated lid.

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