DirecTV Sat-Go

DirecTV Sat-Go

The DirecTV Sat-Go ($1,500) is the world's first portable satellite TV system and the ultimate tailgating accessory. The briefcase-like design integrates a 17-inch LCD screen, DirecTV Receiver, flat antenna, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The easy-to-carry unit also includes AC/DC adaptors for home and car. With no installation required, you'll be set up and watching SportsCenter within minutes.

  • Liveboard

    If you're a true baseball fan, you'll appreciate the classic display of the Liveboard ($300). This wirelessly-updated scoreboard lets you keep track of any game's score, inning, batter's count, and base occupancy, all in real-time. It's the perfect way to keep track of your favorite team's afternoon games from the comfort of your office. [Thanks, Andrew]

  • Keyport Slide

    It's not fun carrying around a full keychain — not only does it make for a massive bulge in your jeans, it can also damage your car ignition if your chain is too weighed down. The Keyport Slide ($TBA) promises to alleviate this situation by offering you a simplified housing that holds all your keys. The universal key fob keeps your keys secure in a small, car remote-sized package. Just don't lose it. [Thanks, Evan]

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