DirecTV Titanium Package

DirecTV Titanium Package

Wow. Dreams can come true. The DirecTV Titanium Package ($7,500/year) gives you everything DirecTV offers — every channel, every movie, every Pay Per View, every sporting event, every adult program, and every HDTV channel. Plus, you get up to 10 HD DVR receivers and a 24/7 concierge service. DirecTV says membership is reserved for a select few. Yeah, like 50 cent and Bill Gates.
[Thanks, Dennis!]

  • Sony 20-inch PC/TV LCD

    If you've been looking for a flat-panel monitor that doubles as a TV, you're in luck. Sony's MFM-HT205 ($600) is a 20-inch LCD display that offers simultaneous PC and TV viewing. The display has a 16:9 aspect ratio, 1680x1050 resolution, a built-in NTSC TV tuner, and lets you watch TV or DVDs in full widescreen mode or picture-in-picture while working with your PC applications. Just imagine — you could be enjoying some Inspector Gadget while slowly killing your brain in Excel.

  • Sony 400-Disc DVD/SA-CD/CD Changer

    We may have ditched our CDs in favor of digital tracks, but it doesn't look like we'll be doing the same with our DVD collection any time soon. As this editor's collection grows, the DVP-CX995V 400-Disc DVD/Super-Audio/CD Mega Changer ($300) is looking more and more like a viable option for the living room setup. In addition to never again having to load DVDs one at a time, the unit up-scales video to high definition (1080i/720p) resolution and transmits pristine audio through an HDMI interface. The changer also features Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive circuitry, Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 channel outputs and compatibility with DVD-RW/-R/+RW/+R1, MP32, JPEG3 , CD-RW/-R, VCD and SVCD discs.

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