Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk

You can't get enough of camping — experiencing nature first-hand, campfires late into the night, access to the great outdoors — but you could probably do without the whole sleeping on the ground bit. And with the Disc-O-Bed Cam-O-Bunk, you can leave the days of sleeping on the cold, hard ground in the past. These cots are incredibly comfortable, giving you a supportive, flexible sleeping surface without the need for a center bar. And best yet, they're bunk-able, so you can sleep two people in the same space you'd normally sleep one. Just think of all the extra space it will give you in your tent to do activities.

  • LifeStraw

    If you've ever watched Naked and Afraid, Survivorman, or anything starring Bear Grylls, you likely know that one of the first things you need when you're out in the wilderness is fresh water. And while you can certainly carry a stove and pot for boiling water along with you, why bother when you could just pack along a LifeStraw? This award-winning personal water filter removes a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of parasites, is good for up to 1000 liters, and lets you drink right from the stream, lake, or river, without worrying about having to call for a medical evac.

  • VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

    Keep everything you need in case of emergency with you without a lot of bulk with VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools. Available in three varieties — Supplies, First Aid, and Shelter — each packs all its included goodies into an 8" long, 2" diameter waterproof anodized aluminum cylinder that doubles as an LED flashlight. Inside Supplies, you'll find a compass, a beeswax candle, a razor blade, six water purification tablets, a wire saw, waterproof matches, fishing gear, and much more, while the First Aid pack includes an emergency first aid kit and compass, and the Shelter includes a lightweight emergency shelter — no surprise there. Oh, and if you're interested, there's also Zombie-killing spike with an included medical mask available for pre-order.

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