Dish Network Sling DVR

Dish Network Sling DVR

What do you get when you combine industry-leading placeshifting technology with a 1TB DVR and a satellite TV receiver? The new Dish Network Sling DVR ($TBA; Spring 2009. It features built-in Slingbox capabilities, including a redesigned SlingGuide interface for managing and setting recordings over the 'net, as well as a touchpad remote control, the ability to load photos, MP3s, and other internet content, 1080p Video on Demand, and more.

  • Western Digital WD TV

    Want to turn your music- and video-filled hard drives into a media center? Then grab yourself a Western Digital WD TV ($130). This pint-sized set-top box connects directly to your drive(s) via two USB ports, offering full HD video playback and navigation, HDMI-out, support for nearly every non-DRM audio, photo, and video format under the sun, and more. Take that, Apple TV.

  • Mitsubishi LaserVue TV

    Just when we thought rear-projection TV was dead, here comes the Mitsubishi LaserVue TV ($7,000) to blow our minds. As the world's first laser-powered television, the LaserVue uses laser beams (surprise!) to provide unmatched color reproduction, clarity, and depth of field. Features include 120Hz operation, 1080p resolution, x.v. Color, 3D-ready viewing capabilities, and a body that's only 10 inches deep. Now what to do with this LCD....

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