District Skateboards

Skateboards don't need outlandish graphics or big logos to be cool. Take District Skateboards ($120-$215) for example. Handmade in downtown L.A., each of their boards features a custom shape that's been tested and honed by the craftsmen themselves, is made using the most eco-friendly processes available, and boasts a handmade reclaimed barn wood veneer and maple core. Just don't order one to act as a cool display piece for your living space — as the company founders say, they're made for riding.

  • Reebok Pump 20K Ice Hockey Skates

    And here you thought the Pump was only good for basketball shoes. Reebok Pump 20K Ice Hockey Skates ($800) uses this classic tech to lock in your ankles and heels, while also offering the Dynamic Support System for optimum flexibility and stiffness, a Skate Lock feature with dual lacing zones, internal, heat-moldable memory foams, a carbon composite outsole, and a felt tongue with a lace bite protector. All of which is designed to maximize power transmission and enhance your stride, which hopefully translates in to more points.

  • Under Armour Armour39

    Some athletic gizmos measure steps. Others measure your leaping ability, or speed, or heart rate. But only the Under Armour Armour39 ($150) promises to measure your willpower. Or rather, it measures the effort you put forth during an activity by using an algorithm that takes into account your activity's duration, body position, heart rate, intensity, and calories burned, then considers it in light of your individual profile. How does it get all this info? From a sensor that straps to your chest and transmits the data to your smartphone — and you can expect to start checking out your own stats when it ships in March.

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