DJ Connect

One of the most important parts of DJing is seamlessly cueing up one song to follow another, matching the beats for a transition the audience barely notices — but if you play music from your Mac or iOS device, only having one audio output can make that difficult. With DJ Connect, you get a device that connects to your laptop, iPad or iPhone, letting you split sound between your headphones and an RCA output. When paired with their award-winning app djay, you can control volume in your headphones, cueing up a song while playing another song through the RCA output. And with three cables included (USB, Lightning, and 30-pin), there's no limit to the Apple devices you can play music through.

  • Normal Earphones

    It may seem obvious to you, but no two sets of ears are exactly alike — with curves, crevices, flaps, and lobes all different, they're nearly as unique as your fingerprints. So, why do earbud manufacturers insist on a one-size-fits-all approach to building buds? Normal Earphones understand the nuances of each ear, and that's why they built an app that lets you photograph your ears, allowing them to carefully craft each pair to suit your special ears. Made from 3D-printed ABS plastic, these buds are made to fit only you, giving them a sound and shape that sets them apart from, well, everything.

  • Onkyo ES-CTI300 Headphones

    Listening to music on a pair of headphones doesn't necessarily have to mean a downgrade from your living room stereo experience. With Onkyo ES-CTI300 Headphones you can enjoy the full range of sound, clear and balanced across the audio spectrum no matter where your listening takes you. Titanium 40mm drivers reproduce music in the high to mid ranges exactly as the artist intended, while large sub chambers give you deep, rich bass. And since these headphones are built with iOS compatibility in mind, you can control your audio playback and calls from the inline remote. Throw in a detachable copper cable, gold-plated connectors, and memory foam ear pads, and you may never want to listen to music on your speakers again.

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