DJ Kreemy Table

DJ Kreemy Table

This ultra modern DJ Table from designer Karim Rashid ($3,600) was designed specifically to make you look great even if your lackluster vinyl collection isn't exactly making the crowd bounce. It's got room for two turntables, mixer, and has a dual lighting system of two 25watt lamps and a concealed power cord. Made of molded fiberglass with a steel base, the turntable station is finished with Dupont automotive paint and is available in white, yellow, orange, pink and other custom colors.

  • Dual Cup Cooler/Heater

    Ever leave the house on a morning commute in the winter, only to find your hot coffees were more luke warm than hot by the time you got to the office? This whole problem can now be alleviated with the Dual Cup Cooler and Heater ($40). It uses your car power outlet to run the system that keeps your hot drinks hot and your cool drinks cool — also good for chilling a couple of brews at the start of a long day of tailgating. [via OhGizmo!]

  • Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock

    While we try to keep a pretty normal weekday schedule, we sure hate it when we accidentally reset our 8 AM alarm on Friday morning, only to have it interrupt slumber Saturday morning after a night of drinking. With a little help from this clock, we may never have that problem again. The Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock from ThinkGeek ($35) keeps a separate alarm for each day of the week, so you can make sure you aren’t bothered on the weekends. Oh, and it also features a nap timer, customizable snooze times, and an AM/FM radio. [via Engadget]

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