Ever wanted to dabble in the dark arts of DJing, but lack the funds to buy a room full of specialized equipment? Now all you need is an iPad. Djay ($20) is a full-on virtual DJ system for the iPad, offering two virtual turntables (unfortunately sans microphone), mixer, tempo, and EQ controls, direct access to your iPad's music library, AirPlay integration, BPM analysis with automatic beat and tempo matching, the ability to record your sets, an Automix mode, and support for 4.2 multitasking, so it can keep playing the background while you sneak in a couple stages of Angry Birds.

  • EpicWin

    Do you spend more time leveling up your WoW or FF character than you do leveling up in real life? Perhaps it's time for EpicWin ($3). This nifty to-do app for iOS gives you XP for completing real-life chores and tasks, letting you improve both your real and virtual self at the same time. First items on the list? Clean up the stale Doritos from off the floor and take a damn shower, you filthy animal.

  • Flipboard

    Another day, another new app that seems hellbent on proving once again why you dropped $500+ on that shiny new iPad. Flipboard (Free) is a new "social magazine" application that grabs info from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as from other sources around the web, and presents them in a magazine-like layout, complete with large images, clean typefaces, and a general panache that goes well beyond the average client — which is making our standalone social apps more than a little nervous.

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