DJI Drone Goggles

Unless you're willing to strap on a wingsuit, the sensation of flying is difficult to achieve. The DJI Drone Goggles give you the ability to experience flight first hand with your feet securely on the ground. Depending on the mode, it will turn either the camera or the entire drone based on your head movements, making control incredibly intuitive. Dual 1920x1080 screens provide outstanding visuals with just 110ms of latency, a touchpad control gives you access to other options, and an HDMI input lets you use them with other media sources. Built primarily for the Mavic Pro, they're also compatible with select Phantom 4 and Inspire series aircraft.

  • Asprey Sterling Silver Safe

    The name might suggest that it's a safe with unique features for storing sterling silver. Instead, the Asprey Sterling Silver Safe is made from it. Crafted in the company's workshops, the eight-inch cube has a working safe mechanism, silver dial, and silver feet. A perfect place to keep your most valuable items, as well as the perfect prize for the jewel thief who wants the safe to be as valuable as its contents.

  • Pavlok Habit-Breaking Device

    Whether it's biting your nails, smoking, or procrastinating at work, we all have bad habits we'd like to break. The Pavlok Habit-Breaking Device is here to help. The wearable device pairs with your phone via an app and allows you to pick your specific bad habit. A combination of both tracking and zaptic software recognize whether you're letting your emails pile up or pulling up to the drive-thru. Once you're caught, Palvok will give you a smack on the hand by way of vibration, beeps, or zaps. The company even claims that their gadget's take on negative association can break most bad habits in as little as five minutes a day for five days.

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