Dodocase Apple Watch Charging Stand

You still have to wait for the calendar to flip before you can fit Apple's new smartwatch to your wrist, giving you plenty of time to plan for the proper accessories. The Apple Watch Charging Stand from Dodocase is vying for your pre-ordering attention, made from California Orchard Walnut and American-tanned leather with a magnetic inductive charger and suction cup adhesive for an accurate, firm hold while charging.

  • Automatic

    The check engine light — that enigmatic indicator that can signal anything from a loose gas cap or old spark plugs, to a worn out catalytic converter or an empty windshield fluid reservoir — is hardly an effective way of remaining in-tune with your car. But with Automatic you can finally decode that uninformative light, letting you know what kind of help your car needs and potentially saving a trip to the mechanic. And that's not all it does: helping improve your car's fuel economy, alerting emergency response in case of a crash, and automatically remembering where you parked are just a few incredibly-useful features. Add in that its beautifully-designed iOS and Android apps are constantly updated with new functionality, and you get the partner your car always needed.

    Presented by Automatic.

  • NomadPlus

    There's no shortage of iPhone battery packs on the market, but few are as well thought out as the NomadPlus. This smart backup battery sits between your phone's charging cable and the wall wart itself, letting you slide the white pronged square into its black body and connect your charging cord to the other side. Plug it into the wall, and once it's done charging your iPhone, it'll fuel up its internal 1500 mAh battery, giving you a 70% additional charge when you need it the most without forcing you to use a bulky battery case or carry around an extra power brick.

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