Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Beer

When it comes to well known craft breweries, there are few with a reputation and reach equal to Dogfish Head Brewery. The Delaware-based brewers are craft pioneers and have never been afraid to push the boundaries of beer styles. By now you've likely met their 60 Minute IPA or their 90 Minute IPA, but you may not have had an encounter with big brother 120 Minute IPA ($12) yet. Dogfish has been brewing this beast for over a decade, but the supply is always limited, and those with access aren't always up to the challenge. If you crack one open fresh, it's less of a hop bomb than you might expect initially, but the IBU intensity will sneak up and bash your palate at some point during a tasting. Grab a couple bottles if you can, share with a friend or set some aside to age like a fine wine.

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