Don Papa 10 Year Old Rum

Named after the Papa Isio, a freedom fighter for the Philippines independence from Spanish rule, Don Papa 10-Year-Old rum is distilled using the best quality noble sugarcane from the island of Negros. The distillate is then aged for ten years in a combination of first fill ex-bourbon casks and sanded, toasted, and roasted casks to help bring out vanilla and fruit notes. Bottled at 43% ABV, this limited batch included only 5,000 bottles.

  • Charbay Double Aged Rum

    All high quality rums are meant to be sipped relished, but you might want to take a little extra time enjoying Charbay Double Aged Rum. Double-distilled in Charbay's 100% copper Alambic Charentais Pot Still in 2005, it's made from sugar cane syrup sourced from Hawaiian and Jamaican sugar cane syrup. It was then rested for five years in stainless steel before being transferred to French oak barrels for an additional three years. And now, it's finally been bottled at its full cask strength of 137 proof. Only 120 cases are available in 2016, and it's certain to leave a lasting impression on the premium rum market.

  • Kirk & Sweeney 23-Year Rum

    Vanilla and caramel are just a couple of the flavors that come from a great rum. And those flavors are intensified with a rum like Kirk & Sweeney 23-Year Rum — in large part due to the 23 years it spends inside oak barrels. The brand was named for a wooden schooner that smuggled rum from the Caribbean to the U.S. during prohibition, and this 23-year-old expression is worth smuggling as many bottles as you can while it's still available.

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