Donic Schildkröt CarboTec 100 Table Tennis Paddle

Donic Schildkröt CarboTec 100 Table Tennis Paddle

We've seen everything from car bodies to wallets made from carbon fiber, so why not table tennis gear? The Donic Schildkröt CarboTec 100 Table Tennis Paddle ($145) is indeed made from carbon fiber, giving it ultra-light status, faster shots, and amazing control that traditional wooden paddles just can't touch.

  • Audi Design Soccer Table

    Normally when we hear stories about luxury cars and soccer, they're about pro players and their fancy new rides — so the Audi Design Soccer Table (€12,900; roughly $18,300) is a nice breath of fresh air. Bringing its considerable design chops to the game of foosball, Audi created a table worthy of its name, with a sleek brushed aluminum frame, high-end table components, slick integrated score markers, and an eye-grabbing glossy green pitch.

  • Fiik Skateboards

    Imagine being able to get up to speed on a skateboard without the need for a ramp, hill, or push-off. Now imagine that you could control the throttle with a simple controller. What you imagining is one of these Fiik Skateboards ($TBA). Powered by magnetic motor and a rechargeable lithium battery, they feature a digital wireless trottle control system, ABS brakes, oversized trucks, and a variety of wheels and decks, and the ability to zoom at over 20 mph without so much as touching the ground.

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