Dreem Headband

Research shows that sound can enhance sleep, but only if applied at the right moment. The Dreem Headband uses sensors and smarts to make your night's rest even better. By analyzing your brain waves using advanced algorithms, it can play sounds at just the right time to make your deep sleep more restful, helping you to feel better when it's time to wake up. The system also uses AI to give you tips to improve your habits for even better sleep. And since none of this is helpful if you don't want to wear it, the Yves Behar design promises all-night comfort in any position.

  • One Drop Diabetes Tools

    For many, keeping track of blood glucose, medication, food, and activity is essential. One Drop Diabetes Tools are an elegant way to do so. The monitor links to a mobile app via Bluetooth and shares its sleek chrome and black design with the test strip canister and lancing device, all of which pack away in a black case. Instead of forcing you to make monthly trips to the pharmacy, they offer an ongoing subscription plan that gives you unlimited strips, plus around the clock access to diabetes support from certified diabetes educators via the app.

  • Misfit Flare Activity Tracker

    Sometimes you don't need wrist-bound notifications, apps, or even the time. Sometimes you just want to log your movement. For that, the Misfit Flare Activity Tracker is ideal. It automatically tracks your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep. It has a single LED light for giving you progress updates, and a single button that lets you control connected devices. Otherwise, everything is controlled via the app, a simplicity that lets the Flare run for up to four months without needing its battery replaced. Its polished stainless steel case is waterproof up to 50 meters and sits on a comfortable, simple black TPU strap.

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