Driving Activity Reporter

Driving Activity Reporter

Keep track of your driving history with this Driving Activity Reporter ($230). Powered by an internal 16-channel GPS receiver, the USB device mounts anywhere in your car and records locations, routes, date/time, and speeds of every trip you take. It stores the reports — up to a 100 hours of them — on its built-in flash memory. When you're ready to see your stats, just pop into your computer and use the included software to examine it. Google Earth integration makes things really interesting. Also great for catching cheating lovers.

  • Verellen Amplifiers

    Let's see... handmade guitar amplifiers from Seattle that look like they were used in an era before recording studios — and possibly before electric? We're in. Verellen Amplifiers ($1,250 - $1,600) feature dovetailed birch enclosures that look every bit as mean as they sound, and are all hand-wired with point-to-point, discrete analog circuitry. Available in several models ranging from 15-300 Watts, these beasts are ready to rock, garage-style. [Thanks, Desmond]

  • Rabbit Air BioGS

    Keep your air clean and germ-free with the Rabbit Air BioGS ($330). This super-quiet air purifier features an advance bio-engineered fiber HEPA filter, which not only traps but destroys most common allergens, helps protect inhabitants from viruses, and lasts for up to three years. A secondary washable charcoal-based carbon deodorization filter helps clear the air of odors, gases, and chemicals, while a remote lets you take control without leaving your seat.

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