Driving Curve

We could tell you that Driving Curve is like Nike+ for driving, but as it turns out, the developers already did that for us. So instead, we'll tell you that this free app uses GPS to capture your speed and evaluates your performance based on how much it varies. And just like Nike+, it also gives you a score based on how you do, doles out achievements when you hit certain goals, and lets you share and compare results with both friends and other drivers from around the world. So, basically, the biggest difference is you don't have to stick a sensor into a hole in your tires for it to work.

  • Craft Check

    With more and more breweries trying to cash in on the craft beer craze, it can be hard for an average Joe to know which beers are truly made by microbreweries, and which are just macrobrews masquerading as small-time operations. Craft Check is a simple app that will do the dirty work for you. Just scan the barcode or type in the name of the beer you're thinking of buying, and it will check against its database of brews to tell you whether you've got the genuine article or a Budweiser in Bell's clothing.

  • Cloak

    Social networks like Foursquare are great for letting you know when your friends are out on the town, and where they're at. But they're also great for keeping track of where people you don't want to see are at. It's for that reason that Cloak was created. This "anti-social" app leverages location data from both Foursquare and Instagram — with support for more networks promised in the future — to let you know if you're getting too close to someone you'd rather not run into. The best part? It's totally free.

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