Dropcam Tabs

Your Dropcam Pro makes it easy to check in on your house or office, thanks to live video streaming. But how are you supposed to know when to check your feed? That's where Dropcam Tabs come in. These movement sensors talk wirelessly to Pro units, can be stuck to doors, windows, and valuables, and can be configured to give you smart alerts about what's been opened, closed, or moved. They're available in white or black, can be used outside, and are a no-brainer add-on for any Dropcam Pro user.

  • Gibson Memory Cable

    Some of the best moments of playing guitar come when you're just messing around — but unfortunately, trying to remember exactly what you played is normally a challenge. Unless, of course, you're using a Gibson Memory Cable. Developed in collaboration with TASCAM, this smart cord features a built-in compact recorder that can save up to 13 hours of 44.1kHz/16-bit CD-quality recordings to a Micro SD card. It'll also work without an amp — or can be plugged into the output of your mixer for rehearsal recording.

  • Pykmax Guitar Pick

    It's time to take your guitar picking to the next level — and no, we're not talking about taking lessons — it's time to give the Pykmax Guitar Pick a try. It's a new, ergonomic take on the classic guitar pick, with a unique shape that rests in the palm of your hand, letting you forget about gripping and focus on picking. Choose from three plectrum gauges (.6mm red, .88mm green, or 1mm purple) depending on your playing style — each one is molded from delrin with a tolerance of .02mm. With a comfortable fit even after hours of playing, it's the perfect pick for touring musicians who spend night after night playing, or session musicians who spend all their time in the studio.

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