DTV Shredder

Part skateboard, part Segway, part tank, the DTV Shredder ($TBA) is one of the craziest contraptions we've seen this year. It features a normal skateboard deck and trucks, which are mounted to a powerful motor, and two tank threads — mounted below and to the sides of the deck — capable of going over snow, sand, dirt, ice, and nearly any other non-paved surface you can think of at speeds of up to 30 mph, or plenty fast enough to give you some gnarly injuries should you happen to shred a bit too hard. [via]

  • Cyglo Tyres

    Forget silly clip-on lights or day-glo outfits — now you can stay visibly safe during nighttime bike rides with Cyglo Tyres ($TBA). Equipped with motion sensors inside, these unique tires feature bright, high-powered LED lights inside the tread or wall that come on automatically as soon as you begin to move, making you highly visible to drivers who will probably ask themselves how you managed to steal a Tron light bike off the Disney lot.

  • Scubacraft

    Underwater shenanigans await aboard the Scubacraft ($120,000). This open-cockpit submersible can reach 50 knots above water thanks to a 250hp engine, and offers push-button descent down to 100 feet beneath the waves, where electric thrusters kick in to move you and up to two friends around the depths. Scuba gear and certification required for the captain and passengers, but if you're seriously considering buying this thing, that's probably not going to be a problem.

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