Dualit Vario Toaster

After their near-disappearance from the American market, we finally found our favorite toaster company — and the toaster of our dreams. The Dualit Vario Toaster ($240-$320) offers up either two or four openings for an equal number of perfectly toasted sliced bread goodness, set by your own movements of the mechanically-functional, handmade English handle. You know how they say "the best thing since sliced bread"? Well, this toaster is the thing that made sliced bread popular. Or maybe it was just the lack of cutting. Who really knows?

  • Northstar Brew Master Refrigerator

    What's better than having a brand-new, retro-style refrigerator? Having one with a beer tap built in. The Northstar Brew Master Refrigerator ($3,000-$5,300) comes in three styles — 1950, 1951, and 1952 — and arrives fresh from the factory with a through-the-door draught system pre-installed, including the tap dispenser, coupler, connections, CO2 cylinder, and drip tray. As a bonus, you can choose to have it set up for your preferred keg style, letting you decide how much usable refrigerator is left over.

  • Norm Tea Kettle

    It's a funny thing: architects are often times as good or better at creating common household objects as they are at designing buildings. One example is the Norm Tea Kettle ($80). Designed by Norm Architects — what, did you think it was named after George Wendt's character from Cheers? — this clear glass kettle lets you see the brewing process in action, while the built-in stainless steel steeper with silicone string keeps making the tea as simple as drinking it.

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