DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw

Whether you're tearing something down, or building something up, there are few tools more handy than a reciprocating saw — and the DualSaw Dual Blade Reciprocating Saw takes your standard reciprocating saw and turns it up to 11. As the first and only dual blade reciprocating saw, the DualSaw will make quick work out of just about any cutting task. With the ability to cut at two stroke lengths, it is the safest, smoothest cutting reciprocating saw available. It has less kick back, better stability, less vibration, and better control than any other reciprocating saw you can find.

  • Signature Branding Iron

    Most artists like signing their work — and just because you chose woodworking as your artistic outlet doesn't mean you shouldn't get to put your John Hancock to it. With this Signature Branding Iron, you can do exactly that. As you might imagine, it's a completely custom piece — you upload a detailed image of your signature, wait 6-8 weeks, and your personalized branding iron will arrive at your door, ready for you to heat up and sear your name into your work permanently.

  • Outlaw Fasteners

    Anyone who has ever built a deck knows what a pain fastening board after board can be — what with stripped screws, dropped nails, banged fingers, and pre-drilling holes. With Outlaw Fasteners ($30-$55), all of those frustrations become a thing of the past. They are made with an innovative multi-level hex head and a custom bit that creates 18 points of contact, eliminating stripped heads, making driving easier, and holding onto fasteners without the need for magnets. A self-drilling cutting tip helps get rid of screw wobble, while removing the need to drill a pilot hole. Available in a wide range of sizes, these fasteners are ready for any job you can throw at them.

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