Duo AI Mirror

It looks like any other mirror, and at 1.9mm thin, you'd be hard-pressed to guess otherwise. But the Duo AI Mirror is in fact a full-fledged computer hidden in plain sight. Its 27-inch HD multi-touch display hides until awoken, and can be configured to handle a variety of tasks, from showing the weather and news to letting you control your thermostat and lights. The "AI" comes into play in the form of Albert, the Duo's voice-powered assistant, who lets you handle a variety of tasks without needing to dirty the screen. A separate box holds most of the electronics — enabling that razor-thin profile — and runs a touch- and voice-specific operating system called HomeOS.

  • Sony Xperia Touch Projector Computer

    It can throw your favorite shows and games up on the wall at sizes of up to 80 inches. But the Sony Xperia Touch Projector Computer does far more than that. It combines the company's SXRD short throw projection technology with a 13-megapixel camera and an infrared light array to serve as a 23-inch touchscreen. With access to the Google Play store, it does everything from gaming to reading the news, and thanks to the perforated metal finish, you won't mind leaving it out on the tabletop or counter.

  • Steadicam Volt

    You've heard of the Steadicam, the original camera stabilization technology that revolutionized Hollywood. Now the same name is ready to revolutionize your videos with the Steadicam Volt. Turning you into a regular Kubrick, the Volt is a handheld smartphone and tablet stabilizer that weighs in at only one pound and is totally collapsible. It uses haptic feedback, which simulates the feeling of inertia to allow users to film with extreme precision. Users can shoot in Sport mode for fast movements, and Movie mode for more leeway when creating cinematic-like movements. Volt is Bluetooth enabled, syncs with any smartphone, and is equipped with rechargeable batteries that provide up to 8-hours of life on a full charge.

    Presented by Steadicam.

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