DV8 Golf Clubs

Anyone who's ever tried traveling with their golf clubs knows the pain that is trying to drag around a heavy bag full of rattling metal sticks — and that's not even mentioning the troubles of transporting them on a motorcycle or bike. DV8 Golf Clubs aim to get rid of all these problems by putting a full set of clubs in a lightweight backpack. Thanks to a patented quick-change coupler, you can switch from a graphite to a steel shaft or from a 5-iron to a putter in under 3 seconds, all without giving up the performance you'd expect from a full-size set — or dealing with the hassle of hauling them around.

  • Killerspin Throw II Robot

    Unless you spend a lot of time at the local table tennis club, one of the toughest parts of improving your game is finding someone to play. Enter the Killerspin Throw II Robot. Designed to simulate playing against a real person, this intelligent pitching machine offers adjustment of topspin, underspin, left-to-right and short-to-long ball placement, and ball arc, and can throw out balls at speeds of up to 100 in minute. In other words, not only can it help you improve your game, but it might just be even better competition than your friends.

  • Warstic Flame Treated Baseball Bats

    Ditch your traditional bat and club up with something more stylish with these Warstic Flame Treated Baseball Bats. Available with white or black handles, these unique bats are made in the USA from hand-selected American White Ash Hand-Split billets, flame treated to bring out the natural straight grain, and then treated with either natural or dark Warrior Flame stain. Made to order in lengths of 30-35 inches, each bat also includes your name engraved on the barrel — so if it wasn't already obvious, everyone will know the bat is yours.

    USA-Made Goods presented by our friends at Shinola.


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