Dyson Root 6

Dyson Root 6

The Dyson Root 6 really sucks. But that's a good thing. Thanks to Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology, the Dyson Root 6 ($150; Oct. 23) will probably be the only handheld that will never clog or lose suction. The Dyson Root 6 has twice the suction of other handhelds, and uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with a specially designed combination brush/stair tool for cleaning. Plus, it just looks like it can shoot powerful laser beams with the push of a button.

  • 1967 Mosrite Vintage Guitars

    We pretty much make it a rule not to cover eBay items, but when they're this cool we simply can't help it. These 1967 Mosrite Vintage Strawberry Alarm Clock Guitars ($TBA; Auction ends Sept. 14) aren't just beautiful, they have quite a story behind them. As it turns out, 60's band Strawberry Alam Clock had them made by Semie Moseley of Mosrite for use in a film, but before the band had even played the guitars Moseley sent them to Von Dutch to be painted. After floating around in several collections, they've finally made their way to auction — and they are, quite simply, three of the coolest guitars we've ever seen. [via]

  • Uber Tap Ultimate Cocktail Tap

    You know what sucks about kegs? They only hold beer. Now you can bring the enjoyment of using a tap to a whole new level with the UberTap Ultimate Cocktail Bottle ($220). Designed to hold whatever you feel like drinking, the bottle has a unique pressurized design with a foot pedal that allows you to easily pour your own cocktail in, tap it, and dispense through one of the three hoses coming from the UberTap. Your favorite punch just got a lot cooler. [Thanks, Alton!]

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