E-Shave Razors

E-Shave Razors

These E-Shave Razors ($60-$75) come in a rainbow of colors and finishes. You can choose between pink, white, clear, black, smoke, blue, purple, green, or curved metal handles, and nickel, gunmetal, or 18K gold plated finishes. The razors use Gillette Mach3 refillable blades.

  • Gillette Fusion HydraGel

    Now that you've got your crazy 5-blade Gillette Fusion razor, are you really going to use that 89-cent Rite Aid brand shaving cream? It's time you ponied up for some real stuff. Gillette Fusion HydraGel ($4) has an aloe-rich formula that's packed with hydrating emollients and lubricants to soften your whiskers and protect your face. Even the toughest guy needs a good layer of protection for a great shave.

  • Braun 2865 cruZer3 Shaver

    We're really not the fully-shaved type around here. There's an aura of cool to a couple days worth of stubble, but unfortunately it’s hard to maintain that look — the long hair trimmer on most electric razors leaves your beard looking too short, while most beard trimmers leave it just a hair too long. Fortunately it seems that Braun understands this, because its 2865 cruZer3 Shaver ($50) is just what the doctor ordered. A good cordless razor in its own right, the cruzer3 also has an above-average edge styler, plus a multi-length beard trimming attachment that clips over the foil, allowing users to get that “I shaved a few days back” look day after day.

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