Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

Snorkeling is a great way to take in the sights and sounds under the sea without the need for bulky scuba equipment or certification. But it does have one big drawback: you either get used to breathing solely through your mouth, and keeping your head high enough that no water comes in, or you deal with water in your mouth and fogged up goggles. Unless you're wearing the Easybreath Snorkeling Mask. This revolutionary mask fits over your entire face, allowing you to breathe normally underwater without fear of fog, and features a dry-top system on the top that plugs the air intake when immersed, preventing water from entering.

  • Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoes

    Traditional snowshoes are large. Like, really large — large enough to make you leave them at home or at your camp unless you're 100% sure you'll need them. With Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoes, you can keep them with you any time there's snow in the forecast or on the ground. Since they're inflatable, they collapse down into easy-to-carry bags when not in use, and weigh just under a kilo. In addition, they're designed to allow your boot to make solid contact with the surface beneath you, providing excellent traction with all the benefits of a floating support.

  • Cabela Ultimate Alaknak Tent

    Spending time outdoors and roughing it don't necessarily have to be synonymous — in fact, you can get by pretty comfortably so long as you have the right gear. The Cabela Ultimate Alaknak Tent ($1,500) — at 13 by 27 feet — probably has more space than your cramped studio apartment, so you may decide to never head home after your next hunting or camping trip. Ten sturdy tent poles help support the rugged waterproof polyester tent cloth, fending off the elements even on the wettest, windiest nights. The tent sports an attached awning that's perfect for hanging out around your camp, while interior fold-down shelves and storage pouches give you plenty of room for small gear. Enough capacity to sleep 11 of your closest friends, three multi-panel windows, and the ability to accommodate a full-size wood-burning stove make this tent the next best thing to home.

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