Ecco Golf Street Premier

Ecco Golf Street Premier

Worn by Freddy "Boom Boom" Couples on his way to a sixth-place finish at this year's Masters, the Ecco Golf Street Premier ($TBA) is as unpretentious a shoe as you'll find on the storied Augusta greens. This street sneaker turned golf cleat features a distressed leather upper, TPU outsole with pre-molded traction bars, textile lining with a microfiber heel grip, Ecco's Comfort Fiber System for increased air circulation, and killer looks that make it nearly as suitable for the local coffee shop as for the local clubhouse. Speaking of "Boom Boom," what the hell is up with that nickname anyway? Sounds like a rapper's sidekick. [Thanks, Matt]

  • Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

    Odds are near 100% that you owned a Wiffle ball and bat set at one point in your youth, but you probably weren't aware of the amazing story behind the toy found in Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide ($9). Along with offering up the history of the ball itself, this quickly-read, 160-page tome also features Wiffle-related stories from celebrities and sports stars, along with plenty of tips like how to throw a Wiffle sinker, how to tape up a Wiffle bat, and how to build your very own Wiffle Ball field, if you're feeling Field of Dreams-y.

  • Head YouTek Star Series Tennis Racquets

    Prepare for summertime trips to the local racquet club with some new gear. Head YouTek Star Series Tennis Racquets ($180-$250) are the company's latest tournament-ready kit. They feature the same d3o smart material — that changes properties based on the particular shot — as the prior Prestige Pro, as well as new innovations like QuadFace, which extends the stringbed at key points of the frame to help maximize the sweetspot, Control Rings to help reduce string deformation and a new one-piece MultiZone Grip offering special sweat channels and different non-slip surfaces for more secure handling. Plus, they were designed in conjunction with Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, who totally wasn't on meth while he was working on them.

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