Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector

Each of the 45 bat species in North America has a unique ultrasonic echolocation call, none of which we can hear. The Echo Meter Touch Bat Detector lets you not only hear these calls but identify them, as well. It plugs into your device's Lightning or MicroUSB port, using a specialized microphone to capture the sounds, and a companion app to turn them into something our human ears can understand.

  • Garmin Speak

    Garmin's latest GPS device is the first in-vehicle gadget to offer hands-free access to Amazon's Alexa. It's an inch and a half in size and has an LED light ring and a bright OLED display with lane guidance arrows. The Speak secures to your vehicle's windshield with a magnetic mount, making it easy to stow once you've reached your destination.

  • Platonics Arc 3D Printer

    3D printers have clear benefits when creating architectural models, but none of the options on the market have been built with that in mind. Until now. The Platonics Arc 3D Printer is the first to be designed specifically for architects. Created using feedback from practicing professionals, it uses a self-cleaning, self-calibrating design to eliminate time-wasting setup and maintenance processes. Using specialized software that links to most popular architectural apps, you can move from a CAD file to printable STL in just four steps, freeing up more time to focus on what's important: your design.

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